2D vision Visor v10

2D vision Visor v10

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2D vision v10

Give the robot arm eyes with this vision system. The V10 is Universal + certified. There is an URCap present, so the software can be loaded into the teach pendant and work together with UR robot arms.

Suitable for

  • Object detection;
  • Measuring distance;
  • Measuring thickness;
  • Color recognition;
  • Recognize (bar) codes;
  • Check for fractures;
  • Shape check;
  • Check supply position.

The vision camera has integrated software and can communicate with PCs and PLC. The camera can be set up quickly and easily with the supplied software. Equipped with LED in white, red, infrared or UV as standard.

The image resolution is adjustable for objects that pass the camera at high speed. The trigger sensor can be used to take a photo at the right time.

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