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Fanuc CRX-10iA/L

The CRX-10iA/L is a cobot with accompanying friendly user interface with drag & drop function.

The weight capacity is 10kg and the range is 1418mm.

Special features

Handy feature of this cobot is its “underflip”: it doesn’t have to turn around to place an object from one side of its base to the other, but can just work on either side of the base.

The cobot has an extra wide space on joint 3, which prevents pinching. In addition, it is very well protected against dust or oil leaks.

Fanuc’ own camera system (iRVision) and Force / Torque sensor (FS-15iA) can be mounted cordlessly. The plug-in software allows for easy installation of peripherals.

The cobot is equipped with a status lamp, which indicates the status:

  • Collaborative
  • Non-Collaborative
  • Alarm

Additional information

Weight 39 kg


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