Disinfection Booster

Disinfection Booster

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Disinfection Booster

This setup has been specifically developed to disinfect shopping carts. The disinfection Booster consists of a cabinet with cobot, in which the controller and disinfectant system are incorporated.

How the disinfection works

  • The shopping cart is left by the customer in the indicated place
  • The station is equipped with a sensor that detects that the shopping cart is there
  • The safety lamp turns orange, the cobot with nozzle starts to disinfect
  • In 15 seconds, the cobot sprays the handle of the shopping cart from above and below
  • The light turns green: the shopping cart is ready to be taken by the next customer.

No more employees needed to disinfect shopping carts, no irritation between customers whether the shopping cart should be cleaned on delivery or after return. Or if someone is not doing a ‘well enough’ job with it.



The cobot set is available via rent, rent/purchase, lease or purchase. Request a quote to compare the different options.

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