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ER1000 Pallet Station 

The ER1000 is a drive through station to be used in combination with the MiR500 and MiR1000. The station lifts pallets so the AMR can travel underneath to pick up or deliver the pallet.

Because it is a drive through station, the MIR500 / MIR 1000 can drive through the station without reversing from delivery points, resulting in faster and predictable operation in the system.

One control unit

The ER1000 dispenser can be expanded with two delivery stations and a collection station with only one control unit in the middle. The communication protocol is based on the latest OPC-UA between MIR 500 and MIR 1000 to the station.

Request to pick up pallets

ER1000 can fully communicate with the MiR500 / MiR1000 to request to pick up pallets.

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