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ER5, mobile workstation robotic arm

The ER5 delivers on the promise of flexibility of a Cobot: an ergonomically mobile station, with storage space for the control box and adjustable holder for the teach pendant.

The workstation is suitable for production environments with a great need for flexibility and rapid integration. That is why the ER5 can be fully assembled with a Cobotarm, control panel and can easily be moved by an employee to various processing machines.

With the ergonomic design and the small size of the workstation, a single person can move the ER5 to a car or a conveyor and drive directly to a processing machine or customer demonstration. You can move it portrait and landscape. Stand has 2 wheels and 4 legs for the design. There are still 2 rollers on the arm, so that it can be moved while lying down.

Suitable for the UR3, HCR-3, UR5 and HCR-5.

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