Eyes for r/cobots

Eyes for r/cobots

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Eyes for r/cobots

This flexible and quickly deployable vision system uses 2.5D (combination of camera and laser) and so gives eyes to robots and cobots. Without a vision system, you have to offer a cobot or robot objects that are lined up in a structured way (otherwise the robot arm does not know where to grab the object). The robot arm knows this with a vision system. The addition of laser also shows depth, allowing stacked objects to be found.

The vision system only needs only calibration with one image, so you don’t have to teach endless object images. The camera can be mounted on the robot head or externally.

Eyes is ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC loading and many other Pick & Place applications where orientation is important.

The advantages and functions of the OnRobot Eyes

The Eyes vision system from OnRobot has also been made suitable for the quick change system of all their products. Eyes can therefore be seamlessly integrated with their grippers and / or F/T sensor.

Implementation is fast, so you have minimal downtime for switching to new products or processes. Especially the fact that calibration of one image and recognition of parts only takes a few minutes is a big advantage. Programming is also intuitive and fast.

  • Quality inspection: Detects good and “bad” parts based on color and outer contour recognition, the inspection function can also work with WebLogic
  • Landmarks: Localization and adjustment of workshop positions in relation to the robot in dynamic working environments (i.e. when mounted on a mobile robot or when the position and orientation of the pallet or cart is not fixed)
  • One-Shot Detection: Detects a variety of objects in one image, reducing cycle times
  • Gripper Clearance: Adjustment of the distance to the workpieces to avoid collision with other workpieces during lifting
  • Blob Detection: Based on color and object shape detection

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