This vacuum gripper has a wide range of applications in intralogistics, such as end-of-line packaging or pick-and-place applications. With a flexible foam gripping surface, the gripper can safely lift carton, boxes and structured components or components with notches or protrusions weighing up to 8 kgs. This also makes partial use of the gripping surface possible. Thanks to communication technology this gripper can be easily integrated in automation environments. The NFC chip makes maintenance information available via smartphone. Even untrained workers are capable of working quickly and easily with this gripper.

The gripper has a modular design, so that it can be complemented with e.g. energy saving ejection modules or intelligent vacuum switches for process control.

The gripper is complete for cobots from Universal Robots. If you want to use the gripper for another brand of cobot or robot, something will be added to the price (between € 100 and € 200). Please indicate this with your order. This will be billed afterwards.


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