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The HCR-5 is the middle sized robot arm in the Hanwha series (reach 915 mm). The robot arm can be installed and used by anyone due to its simple graphical interface. All Hanwha robot arms are Tüv NORD EN ISO 13849-1 PL d certified.

On Olmia Robotics you can find examples of applications for these cobots.

There are a few differences from Universal Robots cobots:

  • The safety stop needs less force and only activates after 10 sec., which gives you the time to push away the robot arm. On resuming the programme, the cobot places itself in the initial position again.
  • The Hanwha cobots have an integrated path function and LED lighting ring that indicates the status of the cobot.
  • The graphical interface of the teach pendant is very user friendly, and works with icons. The programmes of among other things installed accessories can be called up in one screen.
  • So far no ‘apps’ have been made for the Hanwha. This means that accessories are accessible through I/O link (digital or analogue).


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