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HEX-E Force-Torque sensor

The Force-Torque sensor by OnRobot (previously OptoForce) gives the robot arm a ‘human’ sense of touch. These sensors are suitable for the following cobot brands:

  • Universal Robots;
  • Kuka;
  • Abb.

For cobots by Universal Robots the most comprehensive software exists in the form of the URCap: 15 applications. For Kuka there are now 4 applications available. For other cobots you will have to programme applications yourself, but a flange for these cobots is available. When placing an order, indicate for which brand and type of cobot the Force / Torque sensor will be used.

Thanks to the significant deforming property of silicones, the OptoForce guarantees precision measurements up to 200% overload. Even after a complete deformation during 600% overload, the silicone layer is restored to its original shape, and it can accurately measure the forces, without any permanent damage. OnRobot sensors are shockproof and the latest versions are also watertight.

The HEX-E is the high precision variant, that can handle precise jobs. The HEX-H is the low deformation variant, for the heavier jobs.



  • Presence detection;
  • Centerpointing;
  • Manual guidance;
  • Path recording;
  • Polishing;
  • Box insertion;
  • Pin insertion;
  • Stacking / destacking;
  • Palletising.


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