OnRobot D:PLOY

OnRobot D:PLOY

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D:PLOY is the industry’s first automated platform for building, running, monitoring and redeploying collaboration applications. It automates the process of commissioning a robotic application so that it can be deployed directly on the production floor, without programming or simulations. With D:PLOY, complete applications can be deployed in just a few hours.

D:PLOY simplifies automation and offers you a flexible, easy and affordable entry into robot automation. D:PLOY offers drastic savings of up to 90% on implementation and re-implementation time compared to conventional solutions available until now, so you can finally reap the benefits of automation. D:PLOY helps reduce overall automation costs by reducing implementation and re-deployment time, giving you faster and cheaper implementation while giving you control over ongoing automation changes in your production.

With D:PLOY, you can:
– Take control of their automation journey, not just by saving time and money from reinstallations. With D:PLOY, they can make changes themselves and make the changes when they need to;
– Gain access to on-site and off-site monitoring data to improve productivity and reduce downtime;
– Faster automation;
– No longer rely on employees trained in a specific brand of robot;
– Require fewer training hours.

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