The cobot that is integrated in this palletizer ensures flexibility, reliability and productivity. It supports short product life cycles, the latest packaging designs, different product variants and batch production.

This standard, mobile palletizer can be moved with a pallet truck or fork lift truck and deployed within 2 hours. After installation, the arms are expanded, and you can start programming the cobot. The Palletbooster2000 can be used for loading 2 pallets. This can be Euro pallets, block or Chep pallets. The arms are equipped with sensors that detect if the pallets have been placed correctly. The vertically extendable support enables loading up to 2200mm height. The system can stack boxes up to 8kg and is equipped with a safety scanner that scans the surrounding area.

If you prefer a different brand of cobot or gripper, let us know.

Optionally, we can provide the Palletbooster with palletising software, if you opt for an UR cobot. This URCap software makes it very easy to learn a pallet pattern.

Our Palletbooster is equipped with a safety scanner as standard. This ensures that the cobot runs slower or even stops when an employee comes close. Certainly if they are not permanent employees, they can safely carry out their work around the Palletbooster2000, such as changing a pallet. Another advantage is that the cobot can run faster than its collaborative speed when there are no people around. Abnormal situations are detected and not only protect employees this way, but possibly also the hardware.

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Weight 300 kg
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