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Pally – Palletizing software

Pally is an URCap (software) that is the missing link for the rapid deployment of a complete palletizing solution. You can use grippers, sensors and other hardware to make a powerful and easy palletizer.

With the included intuitive pattern generator you can easily make the desired pallet layout. Your palletizing project is operational in just one day. Create any desired box pattern in the user-friendly interface and export it via USB to the robot. No programming required to change patterns!

The step-by-step calibration wizard is complete before you have emptied your coffee!


  • Up to 10/20 products per min (single / double grip)
  • Choose from preset pallet sizes or use a custom size
  • Create patterns quickly with the web-based pattern generator, without downtime
  • Increase the life of your robot through optimized path planning
  • Customization possible
  • Flexible for future production changes
  • Use the desired gripper
  • Support for lifting columns
  • Shim paper support or interlocking layers
  • Enter your own callbacks
  • Maximum installation time: 1 day
  • Makes it possible to change boxes and pallets in one or two production lines
  • No coding skills required
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