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PLOC2D visionsysteem 

This 2D vision system makes object positioning easy: you don’t have to be a vision expert.

The PLOC2D can be directly configured for various applications. Think of packing parts from a conveyor belt or feeder system for placing in a machine, sorting objects or for packaging. 

The system has a metal housing with IP65, a web-based user interface and a locating algorithm for object recognition and locating.


  • FIX version: pre-calibrated with 2×2 meters FOV at a distance of 3 meters
  • FLEX version: with open optics, where you select the lens and lighting for your specific application (with interchangeable C or S-mount lens)

Easy configuration with EasyTeach. To integrate the PLOC2D with a cobot, you must first teach it the object. It’s easy, by “painting” it with the EasyTeach tool in the interface.

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