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PM1500 Pallet Mover

The Pallet Mover PM1500 enables MiR500 and MiR1000 AMRs to pick up and deliver pallets. They transport pallets (EURO, Block or Chep) to e.g. production lines or packing stations, improving the internal logistics process.

This fully automated premium solution enables heavy transport of loads up to 1500 kgs, improving the internal logistics and production process.

Your most important advantages:

  • Transport of heavy loads up to 1500 kgs.
  • Transport of different types of full pallets and half pallets.
  • Automatic central positioning of half pallets by an integrated, fully electric sensor system. The sensors detect the positioning of a pallet and transfer the information to the control system.
  • Integrated technology enables communication with external roller conveyors through infrared signals in order to for example indicate that a pallet is ready to be picked up or delivered.
  • Driving safely with a heavy load with the integrated pallet locking function. The fully automated and flexible locking function enables the confirmation of different pallet sizes.

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