Pneumatic set

Pneumatic set

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Pneumatic set for vacuum gripper

In order to correctly vacumate a vacume gripper, a pneumatic set is needed. This consists of a compressor, several hoses and couplings, a filter regulator and safety couplings.

With this gripper, the CoBot can lift objects of up to 5 kg. The pneumatic set consists of the following components:

1x  Compressor 1,5 kW, 230 VAC;

1x Safety quick coupling ESG07 with male thread in accordance with ARBO G ½”;

1x Safety quick coupling ESG07 with hose barb in accordance with ARBO 13 mm;

1x Hose connector for safety coupling NW7 13;

1x Hose connector for safety coupling G 1/2”;

1x Hose from compressor to coupling ½” PVC thread insert 25 m;

1x Hose from filter regulator to vacuum set;

1x Filter regulator for regulating the pre-pressure to the vacuum system.

Specifications compressor
Suction volume capacity 280 L/min
Net effective 200 L/min
Power R1,5kW – 2PK 230V 50Hz
Rotational speed/ /rpm 900
Container capacity 100 L
Final pressure 10 bar
Dimensions (cm) 104 x 44 x 84
Weight 76kg

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