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The ProFeeder is the solution for tending your production machine. It is a compact, mobile and modular robot cell that can be moved easily between the machines in your production line with a pallet truck. It is suitable for small and medium series production. The ProFeeder is delivered with 2 movers with a parts tray. The UR robot is mounted on the ProFeeder and picks parts that are to be processed from the tray.

How the ProFeeder works

When the parts have been processed, the mover with the parts trays is removed from the robot cell and replaced by a new mover with unprocessed parts. The first mover can now be replenished with unprocessed parts. In the meanwhile, your robot can continue working.


  • A parts tray can hold up to 780 parts
  • Interchangeable perforated plates
  • Mover is automatically centred relative to the robot
  • Required man hours can be reduced by 7 hours per shift
  • The robot arm can be moved around on all 3 sides
  • Can be used with most production machines
  • Increased production
  • Easy to deploy
  • Quick change-over time for small and medium production series
  • Increased efficiency and automated workflow
  • Significant reduction of man hours per unit produced
  • Enables unmanned evening and night shifts

ROI is about 1 year, but might be less, depending on the operating time.

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