Protective covers

Protective covers

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Protective covers UR cobots

If the cobot is placed in an environment where it needs to be protected, the cobot can be wrapped in a cover. The covers consist of 11 parts: a cover part for each arm and associated rings. There is a suitable material for every environment:


Thickness: 1000Td (denier). Suitable for rooms with dust, dirt and coarse grit, not suitable for wet rooms.

PVC / Vinyl

Fire retardant, suitable for rooms with water-soluble cooling and cutting fluids, fine-grained grit and powders, limited protection in wet areas.


Extremely suitable for milling, machining, deburring, sanding and cutting, including good protection against chemicals.


Kevlar coated with aluminum. Extremely suitable for environments with extreme temperatures (+815 ºC to -53 ºC) and nominal insulation factor of R: 0.1.


Extremely suitable for welding applications with a long-term operating temperature of 260 ºC. Short term exposure to 360 ºC is possible.


Excellent protection in (corrosive) chemical applications and a maximum working temperature of 340 ºC.

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