RG2 gripper 

The OnRobot RG2 collaborative gripper is suitable for various brands of cobots. The gripper already has the OnRobot Quick Changer. This makes a connection with the robot via a printed circuit board. Loose and moving (read: break-prone) cables from the gripper to the robot have become superfluous. The printed circuit board in the Quick Changer itself recognizes which tools have been put on the robot.

Characteristics of the gripper:

  • Plug & Produce; 
  • No external cables; 
  • Adaptable gripper mount; 
  • Assisted Centre of Gravity calculation; 
  • Loss-of-grip detection; 
  • Circle compensation; 
  • Endless loop on UR3; 
  • Adaptable fingers; 
  • Dual Gripper. 

With the URCaps plugin this is an easily programmable plug & play gripper for UR cobots.

Excl. robot kit and robot part quick changer.

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