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Increase your production with the Robobooster4000. This tun key system consist of a metal drawer cabinet, cobot and gripper. It is eminently suitable for loading processing machines, such as CNC machines, with a robotarm. The support is suitable for every collaborative and smaller industrial robot arm. All cobots or robots with a reach of min. 750 mm and max. 1500 mm can be placed on the Robobooster4000.

The support can be moved over the entire length and height of the unit, leaving you free to choose how you place the Robobooster 4000.

The Robobooster comes with:

  • 4 drawers
  • 4 standard grid plates, divided into 24 compartments
  • Associated pneumatic for operating the drawers
  • Software for the robot on all the positions of the default grid plates
  • Choice of cobot: Universal Robots UR10, Doosan A0912 or Hanwha HCR-12

De Robobooster 4000 can be sprayed in any colour.


  • Locksystem for the drawers
  • Controller is tucked away at the bottom of the drawer
  • Extra storage space below for extra grid plates or grippers
  • Moveable with pallet truck or forklift
  • Moveable support for robot

The Robobooster4000 is fully customizable to your needs; extra/different product; additional price:

UR10e or Doosan M1013 € 4500,-
Extra gripper (dual gripper) € 3750,-
Signal tower € 750,-
Safety scanner € 3800,-
YouRing (light and sound sensor for extra safety € 1345


Extra drawers (per drawer) € 1500,-
Extra mechanical drawers (per drawer) € 1000,-
Quick control panel (start, stop, emergency stop) € 750,-
Communication with machine op basis van nacalculatie
Tool rack op aanvraag
Corporate branding package (coating in desired color, your logo on the side) € 1500,-
Ixon module (remote controle and service) € 1000,-

And that’s not the end of it: the Robobooster4000 can also be made wider or higher, or supplied with other grid plates.

Please indicate with your order which cobot and gripper you want. If you want to have it equipped with one or more options, please contact us,

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