Wrist camera

Wrist camera

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Wrist camera 

The Wrist Camera from Robotiq offers a Plug + Play vision system for Universal Robots in your factory. With a setup time of 30 minutes, it locates objects on a work surface without any coding. Give the robot arm eyes with this vision system. The Wrist camera is Universal + certified. There is an URCap present, so that the software can be loaded to work together with UR robot arms.

Alternative: Sensopart v10

The Robotiq camera is the simple, user-friendly option to locate parts that work exclusively with Universal Robots. With the Wrist Camera you don’t have to make expensive, adjusted fixtures to present your parts.

With all the software embedded in the robot controller and the easiest user interface on the market, anyone can teach a component and program a task.

  • Perfect fit for UR;
  • Fits all UR wrists and connects directly to the robot controller;
  • No external controller;
  • No external PC is required to set up, program or execute the camera.

The Robotiq wrist camera is perfectly suitable for all UR models with controller 3.1+. No custom wiring and no external PC are required to set up, program or execute the camera.

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