Safety scanner

Safety scanner

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Safety scanner 

This safety scanner or zone scanner can be used in combination with a cobot to set up a virtual safety zone. Such a safety scanner can be used if the cobot is used for an unsafe application and you need to protect people in the area.

Thee scanner is category 3, PL d.


Reach safety zone 3 m

Reach warning zone 8 m (At 15% remission)

Distance measurement range 30 m

Type of fieldset Triple-fieldsets

Number of fieldsets 1

Numer of fields 3

Number of monitoring situations 1

Scan angle 270°

Resolution (configurable) 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 150 mm

Angle resolution 0,5°

Response time 80 ms 1)

Safety field surcharge 100 mm

Numer of multiple evaluations 2 … 16, Configurable

Delay automatic reset 2 s … 60 s, Configurable

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