SGM 70

SGM 70

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Ø 70mm – Magnetic gripper

The magnetic grippers are a suitable solution to pick up iron/steel objects. These gripper work with a cilinder on air pressure which activates the magnet. Therefore, no electronic power supply is needed for the robotarm. Magnetic grippers are light and small, and they have an optional side connection for tools.

Your advantages

  • No electronic power supply needed;
  • Minimum space requirements, low weight;
  • High shear forces can be achieved;
  • Flexible mounting options;
  • Optimal for elongated workpieces;
  • Recognition of the piston position via the hall effect sensor.


  • Robust aluminiumhousing with permanent magnet;
  • Clip-on, easy to replace friction ring;
  • Bistable design: The magnet settings  “grip” (A) en “deposit” (B) will be retained in the event of a power failure in the compressed air connection
  • Standard connecting wires in top cover;
  • Wires for holdersystems HTS at three sides;
  • The holdingsystem HTS offers multiple options for mounting of the gipper on the gripperdevice; HTS D-version for locking and mounting 2 grippers;
  • SGM-S with piston arrangement for sensor recognition of the piston location of the magnetic gripper, can not be mounted afterwards.

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