SLM 230

SLM 230

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SLM 230 3D visionsystem 

Give your robotarm ‘sight’ with this visionsystem. The SLM 230 is Universal+ certified. An URCap is present, to integrate the software and lets the vision system collaborate with the UR cobot.

  • Combination of 2 high resolution camera’s and deep learning; 
  • Suitable for various sectors, such as packaging, agrifood, e-commerce, logistics;
  • Also applicable for sortingtasks;
  • Random Bin Picking without needing CAD files

The SLM 230 is suitable for Bin Picking small objects. Are you searching for a Bin Picking vision system for larger surfaces (the size of a pallet)? Take a look at SLM 500.

Recognition due to Deep learning software. The SLM 230 is compatible with all robots.

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