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NAS-PAL-UR Palletizing Software

Palletizing with a cobot is an excellent choice to optimize productivity, improve work ergonomics and reduce operational costs, along with a smaller footprint. Using Nordbo Robotics Cobot palletizing software, the operator has full control over progress by adding a software layer. This provides feedback on progress and allows reconfiguration of the end-of-line palletizing setup within minutes.

The online pallet pattern generator (PPG) can be reached via smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. You create new patterns by dragging and dropping boxes of a certain size to the selected pallet. Then you download the pattern to a USB stick, which you insert into the cobot controller and you’re done.


  • Stacking and destacking of boxes, buckets and bags
  • Single / double conveyor
  • Single / double pallet arrangement
  • Picking of single / multiple products
  • Laying sheets between layers
  • Vertical lift control for extra height
  • Barcode positioning
  • Automatic approach optimization
  • Weight control (optional)
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