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VG10 vacuum gripper

OnRobot VG10 is the world’s first electric vacuum gripper with double grab function (formerly known as the PR10):

  • Double grab designed for cobots from UR, but also usable on other brands of cobots.
  • 4x adjustable vacuum arms.
  • 16x nipples for attaching vacuum cups.
  • 2 independent vacuum channels for simultaneous use of 2 workpieces.
  • integrated tool changer.
  • built-in electric vacuum pump.
  • Active current <600mA at 24V.
  • Up to 80% vacuum (200 mBar absolute).
  • 12 l / min.
  • Installation and set-up in less than 30 minutes.
  • Safe to use thanks to the rounded edges.
  • More energy efficient than traditional vacuum devices on external air pressure systems.
  • Reduces production changeover time and energy consumption.
  • Increases the safety of employees who work next to the robot.
  • Can be applied in many fields, e.g. pick and place, machine loading and palletizing.
  • ‘Lost grip’ detection.

Excl. robot kit and robot part quick changer.

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