The OnRobot VGC10 is a compact, configurable vacuum gripper. The flexible, electric vacuum gripper has unlimited adjustment options for all your applications. The gripper is small and lightweight, but has a capacity to lift up to 15 kg. The air supply is electrically controlled, so no external air supply is required. This results in lower maintenance costs and faster deployability.

Moreover, the VGC10 is equipped with exchangeable suction cups for just about every application. The VGC10 is smaller than the VG10 and can be used in narrow spaces to increase your automation options. With only half the weight of the VG10, but with the same carrying capacity, the VGC10 can lift narrow, odd-shaped and even heavy objects with a smaller robot arm. The VGC10 is equipped with two independently controlled air channels. This allows it to be used as a dual gripper with  pick-up and release in the same action. Increase your efficiency even further with this and reduce your cycle time. This compact, electric gripper does not require a compressor or air supply and is therefore easy to move and program, making it easier to deploy elsewhere for greater production flexibility.

The VGC10 can be seamlessly integrated with the robot of your choice.

Excl. robot kit and robot part quick changer.

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