WG155 – Wheel Gate

WG155 – Wheel Gate

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WG155 – Wheel Gate 

The Wheel Gate WG155 is combined with the Top Mover TM150 or QM180, which is installed on the AMRs MiR100, MiR200 or MiR250 to receive or deliver an object. This connects the AMR with production lines and storage systems to automate logistics processes.

An integrated stop function and manual wheels on the WG155 Wheel Gate make it easy for employees or AMR to push boxes to the collection point or further down the production line. In this way you can further automate production processes and thus increase productivity and lower production costs.

Your benefits:

  • Safe transport thanks to adjustable brake plates, which ensure optimum placement of the object on the Wheel Gate – designed according to the principles of international safety standards
  • Reliable and cost-efficient connection of the AMRs MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 with production lines and storage systems
  • Optimization of internal logistics with high payloads up to 153 kg, freeing up employees for activities with a higher value
  • Easy extension of modular functionality by installing e.g. robotic arms, lifts or conveyor belts on the Wheel Gate
  • Flexible standard module – there is no need to adjust internal workflows or the production floor
  • Simple and fast assembly process – offers a complete solution in combination with the Top Mover

The WG150 has 3 variants:

  • Flex: this 5-finger FLEX series offers maximum flexibility, making it ideal for handling different loads (weight / size). Option to assemble collaborative robot, because of the very stable and robust design.
  • Basic; this BASIC series with 3 fingers is a cost-effective option for consistently larger loading sizes. Option to assemble collaborative robot, because of the very stable and robust design.
  • Smart; this SLIM series offers the smallest possible footprint and is best suited for implementations with serious space limitations. Thanks to the modular design, 3 or 5 fingers can be assembled.

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