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YouRing light and sound sensor 

YouRing increases the degree of interaction between man and machine

The YouRing is a new, revolutionary development that makes cobots even safer to work with. It is a device that you mount between the robot arm and its end effector. Light and / or sound effects indicate when the robot arm is in operation. The YouRing uses LED lighting and a powerful sound transmitter.

Fully programmable

The light and sound are fully adjustable via the URCaps plug-in, making the YouRing also Universal + certified. Via the plug-in you define the type of light and / or sound that you need during the implementation of the cobot program. Light effects can be rotating, blinking or color-changing (in rainbow colors). The tone and pitch of the buzzer is also programmable. This makes it possible to program a preset effect depending on the robot status (safety stop, warning, etc.).

YouRing is a wireless device and therefore easy to mount on the cobot. The device is equipped with two buttons:

  • A button to activate the “free drive mode”, so that you do not have to hold the button on the teach pendant and therefore have a hand free for moving the robot arm.
  • A button with a script function to perform specific functions, for example to activate a digital output or to give the robot a manual input so that it continues a paused task.

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